Alberto Gallazzi

CST Head Coach
Executive Bodyguard:
Italian Prime Minister family, Versace,
Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney,
Sir Elton John, Gwyneth Paltrow
Milan, Italy

Military Division Chief

“Working in the security field as an executive protection agent, I had the problem of securing the time to keep at top fitness conditioning. I’ll always do some running but mostly that was all due to time constraints. Most of the time when you travel a lot you don’t have access to a gymnasium or equipment to do a complete functional training preparation covering all of your needs in order to keep you sharp for any eventually task.

Even when my team and I are in base, we must run in shifts in order to go to gym. Since each team has more than 8 agents, the time is so restricted that if you try conventional workouts, it demands too much time for each of us to get sufficient training time.

As a CST Head Coach and TACFIT® Team Leader, I discovered that TACFIT® was our way to keep sharp, properly prepared to cover our mission tasks and perform well in any combat situations. With TACFIT®, we need significantly less equipment that we must carry around and the bodyweight exercise allows us to train even in hotels rooms. We can get sufficient training effects in just as little as 20 minutes in shifts of 4 agents. So in less than 1 hour, we’ve completed our physical training and are back ready to rock.”

Christian Carson

Fire Captain, Bellingham Fire Department
CST Coach
Bellingham, Washington, USA

Firefighting Division Chief

“I consider fitness to be a critical component in performing my job as a Fire Captain in the safest and most efficient manner possible. I’ve always exercised regularly as a runner, weight lifter, and I’ve trained with many of the popular functional programs with good results but I have never come close to the fitness levels I’ve achieved using TACFIT®. I witnessed explosive gains in strength, power, endurance, and conditioning that I really had never considered possible.

TACFIT® is absolutely the most comprehensive program I have found to date that delivers the most results in the shortest amount of time. My transformation has allowed me to lead by example in my department and as a result I am constantly bombarded for advice on how to achieve similar results. The TACFIT® program is so easy to implement and teach others of varying degrees of fitness due to the four levels of sophistication provided for each workout. Group workouts are a mainstay in our department and TACFIT® allows us to compete in the same workout at the same time based on current conditioning levels leaving everyone feeling worked and energized at the end of only 20 minutes.

The TACFIT® design to train all 6 degrees of freedom and the four levels of sophistication have allowed me to progress at an accelerated rate resulting in superior athleticism to any other program I’ve followed. I recently have come back to TACFIT® after following another popular program for quite sometime because I felt I was losing many of the gains I had made. I no longer felt the explosiveness, the core strength, and I was losing my ability to move through all 6 degrees with a full range of motion and strength. The TACFIT® mantra of “being better prepared than the challenges you face” is dead on and coming from my background of training and fitness I consider this program “smarter” than any other I’ve experienced.

To provide some numbers for you, when I was first introduced to TACFIT®, I spent a year performing two to three workouts every week. That’s no more than an hour each week of training. My VO2 max increased during that year by several points and I had just finished running a marathon at my previous test and recorded my highest VO2 max ever! My personal record for pull-ups was 17 prior to starting and my new PR is 45 and climbing. TACFIT® has provided me with the fitness level to get the most out of work and play and I want to thank Coach Sonnon and RMAX International for such a great system.”

Ryan Provencher

Ryan Provencher
CST Instructor
TACFIT Fire Fighter Division Chief
Bellingham, Washington, USA

Firefighting Division Chief

“My passion for physical fitness began at a young age. I Idolized action heroes such as Stallone and Schwarzenegger. I started lifting weights with my dad in our garage at age 13 and I embraced the body building mentality. The word “mobility” was not in my vocabulary. I was able to achieve great gains in strength and size. Unfortunately for me, these attributes did not translate into improved athleticism. My fitness level was measured by the amount of weight that I could bench press.

When I reached my 30s, I developed a number of joint problems. I had already undergone five surgeries, and I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips at age 35. I had tremendous limitations in my mobility and I was in pain most of the time. In 2005, I had the good fortune of meeting Scott Sonnon. My whole outlook on fitness changed. My career as a fire fighter was in jeopardy and I recognized the need for a more comprehensive fitness program.

Coach Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training and TACFIT® programs have helped me get into the best shape of my life. I have increased functional strength and the multi-planar movements have helped me develop better overall athleticism. My aerobic capacity has soared and my body fat percentage has dropped significantly. My regular practice of joint mobility exercises and compensatory yoga has greatly improved my range of motion and eliminated the pain that I dealt with for so many years.”

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