In the TACFIT Academy Level 3 Training Certification, You Earn The Distinction Of Division Chief.

After a minimum of two years as a Field Instructor and Master Instructor, you have mastered the customization process of addressing the needs of varied fitness populations, in at least one demographic, and the individualization of progressive adaptation.

As a Division Chief, you will learn how to craft near-term and long-term project development calendars: club program, team periodization or academy length programming. You will also learn how to create segue, stop- gap training to shift a population from their current training to more intelligent, deliberate program design.

Therefore, you will learn how to create implementation strategies, predict errors, and create modifications, alternatives and inventory variations requisite to successful departmental-level programming.

Division Chiefs take their needs assessment experience as a Level 1 and Level 2 Certification and learn to expand it to risk analysis to predict challenges based upon the demographic and prior training standard. The educational design in Level 3 Certification teaches you how to create mobility, strength and conditioning and compensation drills to match the point of origin of the group at the beginning, graduate them through increasing and pressure-tested complexity, and offload all of the adaptations so that only functional adaptation is embedded, before the next period of reassessment launches.

A Division Chief has no dusty diploma. We have an impressive pedigree and professional stable from an impressive pedigree of elite federal law enforcement institutions, tier one special operations units, national team coaching staff, advanced medical and rescue academies, fortune 500 corporations and graduate university faculty. We have created an active “think tank” of the best and the brightest minds in exercise science, applied biomechanics, stress physiology and exercise endocrinology.

This is an invitation-only certification course, culled from the most stand-out Master Instructors who have assisted with at least two Level 1 Certification and one Level 2 Certification Seminars. Those who earn this position as Division Chief are invited into the research and development department to design programs for government and private sector consumption.

The physical examinations for Level 3 Certification are mentally and emotionally challenging, as well as physical taxing. Division Chiefs are awarded professional sub-contracting opportunities through the Academy to coordinating between installations and facilities, and act on call with corporations and agencies as consultants, in USA and worldwide.

Level 3 Certification requires that you have passed and maintained Level 2 Certification. You will need to have one year of experience as a Master Instructor in order to be prepared, and then receive a recommendation for eligibility to certify as a Division Chief by a Departmental Director.

Our Founder has set very high standards for all levels of Academy Certification, but none so high as the Division Chief. Division Chiefs rotate in positions upon election years as Departmental Directors, and act as communication hubs and distribution networks.