What's Unique About The TACFIT Fleet Of Optimized Fitness Programs?

Many people arrive at the “World’s Smartest Workout” program after having exhausted themselves in frustration with the inability to lose fat, increase muscle mass, and increase their vital energy throughout the day; or, if a program manages to achieve results, the results are more quickly lost, plateaued, or result in injuries and pains.

Typically, the units and agencies I train must move quickly between forced, prolonged, sedentary inactivity while suffering high stress levels anticipating conflict, straight into rapid action requiring their entire bodies to mobilize suddenly. Not only does this cause high level of injuries and pains – the external environment of your musculo-skeletal system, it wreaks havoc on their normal balance – your internal environment of your endocrine, immune and neurological systems

The TACFIT Suite of products were reversely engineered for recovery from intensity through workouts and within the workout. TACFIT helps you achieve optimized levels of fitness, and helps you move in a new, functional way. It will save you unacceptably-high fees on gym membership fees and prevent you from facing months or even years of frustration in not gaining your results, or in temporarily getting results and then losing them due to regress, pains and injuries.

Can I Use Any Of The TACFIT Programs Interchangeably?

Yes you can! These programs were designed to complement each other and varying the workout tools you use is a great way to maximize results. You can simply interchange programs based on intensity levels. Specific Plug-in and/or standalone instructions are included in the Start Up Guides of the respective programs.

Are The TACFIT Programs Optimal For People Over 30?

Actually, the reason that TACFIT programs are perfect for people in their 20s and 30s is because they were designed to be effective for those in their 40s, 50s and even 60s! When you’re young, you can get 80% of your results by doing virtually any type of exercise on nearly any “diet.” However, you can’t get that last stubborn 20% unless you have the right timing.

When you pass middle age, timing is everything, because your genetics were designed to get you to the point that you procreate. Genes weren’t designed to let you live a long time in optimal vibrant fitness. BUT, if you learn the science behind TACFIT: how your hormones optimize through exercise (called exercise endocrinology), you can bring a scalpel to surgery instead of the pickaxe people in their 20s and 30s usually use. All TACFIT programs use cutting edge discoveries to surgically strike at the optimal moment in the perfect rhythm.

What Makes TACFIT Unique?

Nothing on the market was designed for PORTABILITY, EFFICIENCY, SIMPLICITY and EFFECTIVENESS. Imagine that you had access to the Coach of a USA National Team, or the Trainer of a Special Operations Unit, or the Instructor of Federal Agent Academy. What would those three experts have in common? They all need to be able to provide time and space efficient solutions that anyone could simply perform without in-person supervision in any conditions or environment, and achieve and surpass all of the targeted results. (By the way, you don’t have to imagine it, since TACFIT was founded by the only man who has been a USA National Team Coach, Special Operations Unit Trainer and Federal Agency Instructor!)

Furthermore, there is NO other program on the market which considers the hormonal impact of your training. Exercise is a Biochemical event. Your muscles are merely doing the work, but it’s your biochemistry which gives you the results. Let the Coach show you how to optimize your internal environment so the external environment can respond they way you want, finally.

I want to get in shape right away! How long will I have to wait until I can begin using this program?

As soon as your doctor says you’re cleared to do this type of exercise, you can start immediately, because you can adjust it to your fitness or recovery level.

Is it possible TACFIT Programs won't work for me?

Having trained tens of thousands of people from around the world, no one has ever said this approach of hormonal balance through exercise waved timing did not work for them. However, if for some reason you become the first in history, there’s a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. Don’t worry about that, though. You will be shocked by how quickly, comprehensively these results come!

I Am New To Exercise. Can I Use The TACFIT Programs?

If you’re new to exercise, TACFIT is still ideal for you. Each program uses regresses and progresses the movements so that complex skills build as you gain more experience with the program.

Can TACFIT programs be too hard for me?

TACFIT programs are all designed with 3 to 4 levels of simplicity. Therefore, TACFIT is accessible to everyone. Simply start at the lowest level and watch as you progress!

How long until TACFIT programs begin to work for me?

Immediately. There are three primary results gained through from TACFIT programs. The first you’ll experience immediately: energy increase. Through the re-balancing of your internal environment, your metabolism will increase, so you won’t be experiencing lulls in your daily cycle of energy. This has to do with a unique “Pulsating Effect” of your hormone release. Increased dopamine levels from this type of exercise make you feel better all day long, and the increased serotonin levels from the type of exercise included in the system will make you sleep better, setting up a chain reaction leading to greater fitness results. The fat-burn will be noticeable within the first 1-2 weeks and the muscle gain not long after, but these are magnified due to the scientific approach to “Waving Intensity” across the hormonal spectrum of exercise.

Can I do this program when I am away from home or the gym?

The TACFIT fleet offers different programs based on your access to portable workout modalities. From Bodyweight to Kettlebells, TACFIT workouts can be performed in spaces as tight as hotel rooms and hallways, so you are never limited in where you can exercise.

What equipment do I need to successfully use this program?

It depends upon the program. Many use only your own bodyweight. Others use a kettlebell, or a pair of dumbbells, or even a piece of rope or suspension equipment.

What weights do I need to start?

It is difficult to say with so many differences in strength. We recommend choosing the heaviest weight with which you will be able to perform consistent clean reps, without pain, and with very good technique throughout the whole workout. Technique is Key. As you progress through the program, you can then increase the weights of your tools as you see fit.

Can I use other products in conjunction with TACFIT?

Yes, you can integrate any program into your TACFIT Training, due to the unique nature of the format. Please start by training with TACFIT programs as they are recommended. Let the easy-to-use, simple-to-follow steps guide you through the programs, and then, once mastered, incorporate other hormonally balancing programs in the RMAX fleet of high-performance longevity

What is difference between TACFIT ROPE and TACFIT CSORE?

CSORE and ROPE differ in technique and purpose. Where both involve functional exercises, the difference lies in the technical focus of the Cradle System, specifically rebuilding shoulder stability through core activation in a step by step approach. ROPE was designed as a comprehensive suspension training approach. CSORE focuses on different exercises with mutual benefit between both programs.