Certification Guide

TACFIT Academy Certifications are organized like any university courses: basic, intermediate, experienced and advanced. Unlike other fitness certifications, which teach a buffet of unrelated, unintegrated smattering of exercises, TACFIT Academy teaches the pre-eminent system of tactical fitness, qualified by the US Department of Justice and approved by the US Department of Homeland Security: a systematic approach to exercise which earned it the title of the “Worldʼs Smartest Workout,” by Menʼs Health Magazine.

No other exercise system in history can boast such a pedigree. With your certification from the TACFIT Academy, youʼre joining a global legion of the best.

The TACFIT Academy provides more than exercise technique qualification, it teaches how to teach: how to execute training protocols, organize the training calendar, integrate recovery and restoration, conduct fitness assessments, modifications and customization, synergistically lead a team of trainers, and differentiate yourself and your facility in a saturated marketplace.

Earning a TACFIT Certification does more than provide you with a college level education in the broad arsenal of functional tools and apparati. The courses will provide you with the knowledge to develop as deep a level of mastery as you choose to acquire. From the proficiency in your own physical goals, to the ability to design your own customized exercises and programs, to teaching in the field, gym, club or classroom, the TACFIT Academy has personal and professional tracks of growth and development for every individual.

Become a Member of the TACFIT Legion

TACFIT is an internationally established brand with facilities and instructors in 33 countries. Instead of paying athletes to endorse its brand, it has been in the trenches developing a following reaching a record of 59 million. The TACFIT Academy directory has rapidly become one of the most sought-after benefits of certification, and the higher the level of your certification, the more proliferated your profile is lifted by the very nature of your hard work, talent and knowledge.

Exclusive TACFIT Affiliate Status

As a certified TACFIT Academy Instructor, you will earn an enhanced status over the entry-level Affiliate Program. The TACFIT Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to transform your webpage, blog and social media platform into a value-generating revenue stream. The greater your level of certification that you earn, the higher your commissions youʼll be given as a loyal member of the TACFIT Legion.

Technique, Tactics, Technology and Tools

Unlike other fitness organizations, we provide you with all 4Ts in a successful fitness enterprise: the technical know-how, the tactics to execute them, the technology to profit from your results, and the tools to apply the system.

Exclusive TACFIT Academy Instructor Discounts

Having earned a current TACFIT Academy Certification, you will be awarded a VIP discount on the cutting-edge products and events. You will also be awarded advance “inner circle” notification of releases and launches prior to public disclosure with regards to TACFIT Academy products and events.

Elite Profile Opportunities

TACFIT Academy articles, photos and videos are viewed hourly by tens of thousands worldwide. As a Certified Instructor, you can have your updates, images, events and announcements as featured content to lift your profile through our vast international network of followers. The greater we lift your profile, the more credibility you gain and the more you differentiate yourself in your regional marketplace as a professional (presuming your updates and images observe the code of conduct and core competencies and  concepts you were taught at the certification courses.)

The TACFIT Academy carries all of the prestige and intelligence of its namesake, and the former national team coaches, university professors, federal law enforcement senior trainers, fire rescue captains, and special operators who lead the certification courses.

Phase 1: Get Certified as a Level 1 Field Instructor

 Becoming a Field Instructor is the equivalent of a two-year associate’s degree. You learn how to implement the tools, time, techniques and technology. You personally experience the depth in each of the steps, and all of the breadth in the wide range of modalities. This will give you the 6 energy protocols and 4 levels of complexity in the 26 foundational workouts, using our powerful toolbox of low-tech, high-yield solutions: Clubbells, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Gymnastics Rings, Plyometric Boxes, Parallettes, Pullup Bars and Bodyweight Movement.You are certified to teach within your department only.

Phase 2: Get Certified as a Level 2 Master Instructor

Becoming a Master Instructor, you become qualified in all 81 exercises, 31 mobility drills and 30 compensation drills: the Academy Core Competencies. You learn how to develop a staff of trainers to meet the needs of specific demographics. You master the ability to tailor the mobility and compensation drills to meet the lifestyle and occupational needs of varied populations, and how to adjust the schedule of “waving intensity” to ensure the positive adaptation to the sum total training, life and work stress load.

Phase 3: Get Certified as a Level 3 Division Chief

Becoming a Division Chief is invitation-only. Having spent years in an agency developing TACFIT trainers, and having performed exhaustive modification and customization of programming to varied populations, you are ready to learn how to create annual length and
academy length periodization plans specific to organizational, corporate and demographic needs. As a supervisor of a particular division, you work with master trainers to coordinate and direct ongoing research and development of standards of training.

Phase 4: Earn an Advanced Diploma

With specific approval by departmental directors, you may participate in an Advanced Diploma certification. This is a competency course designed to give you an experience of the divisions within TACFIT. Supervisors from various divisions and departments will help you understand with wide platform of potential for the system by immersing you in the tools, tactics, techniques and technologies of the broad domains in the system. The content of Advanced Diploma certification address
topical needs: occupational compensation, restorative mobility and prehabilitation, nutrition and wellness, stress management and tactical endocrinology, et cetera… These credit hours count toward keeping your certification up-to-date, or you can recertify,or up-certify.

Phase 5: Get Selected to Test as a Team Leader

Team Leaders are selected from Master Instructors, who have demonstrated significant physical performance and coaching capacity to develop the instructor cadre. Team Leaders act as assistants to Division Chiefs and Certifying Directors. There are extensive physical, written and cognitive demands placed upon this invitation-only certification.

Phase 6: Keep your Certification Current

To maintain your certification, you must complete no less than 16 credit hours of continuing educational every two years pertinent to tactical fitness: by participating in a re-certification of the ever-evolving system of research and application, in an up-certification to level 2 or 3, or a “field experience” in an Advanced Diploma certification.