In the TACFIT Academy Level 1 Training Certification, You Earn The Distinction Of Field Instructor.

You will become competent to demonstrate and coach the core competencies of the Qual, containing the 6 Foundational Bodyweight Movements: the Tactical Lunge, the Plank Pull, the Sit-Thru, the Tactical Pushup, the Spinal Rock and the Tripod. Each of these movements relates to a particular degree of freedom in applied biomechanics; combined, they comprise a comprehensive and self-sufficient movement screen. Our Tactical Movement Screen gives you the ability to detect, assess and correct movement problems, as well as a toolbox of regressions to give modifications and incremental segues to movement restoration.

In addition, you will learn how to coach each of the 6 energy system protocols in TACFIT. Each certification seminar will involve the Qual, plus Bravo-Foxtrot, Hotel-Lima, Mike-Quebec, or Sierra-Whiskey. Six different protocols will be experienced during the certification, and you will be given a different partner for each of these workouts so that you can apply the coaching tools, tactics, techniques and technologies taught at the event.

In addition to the core competency bodyweight skills, you will learn the basics of each of the tools involved in the workouts: from Clubbells, to Kettlebells, Parallettes, Sandbags, Medballs, Plyoboxes, Gymnastic Bars and Rings.

This is a 16 credit hour, 2-day certification course. Though those who pass become qualified to teach, you are not required to pass the certification to attend. You can attend purely for the personal experience and development of your self-coaching enhancement.

There are physical examinations for Level 1 Certification.

Level 1 Certification is accessible to anyone, and everyone is welcome to attend. Seminars regularly have participants from around the world, from all walks of life, careers and backgrounds, and with varied levels of proficiency. EVERYONE has some challenge theyʼre overcoming. There isnʼt a person alive that is not facing some challenge. Level 1 is where you will learn the tools for facing and overcoming those challenges, and if youʼre on the professional track, how to help others do the same.

Regardless of if you intend to teach or not, if youʼre ready to learn about the core movements and tools, this certification is for you.

If you are an exercise professional, the Level 1 Certification teaches the fundamentals which you need to build to Level 2 and Level 3 Certification. All of the core competencies and concepts will be taught in Level 1, and give you the opportunity to choose the direction, department and division you would like to next pursue. Aspire to become a Team Leader, or eventually a Division Chief? You will learn everything you need to practice to earn that Level 2 and Level 3 Certification.

Regardless of whether youʼre one of our trainers in corporate health clubs, corrective exercise clinics, or cross-training boxes, or a government assigned trainer for a military unit, federal agency, fire rescue department, or just an able-and-ready civilian, this is the ideal path to getting involved with TACFIT. Learn to use the tools, create alternatives, modify the mechanics to meet changing needs, and adjust the programming to optimize your resources and results. No other certification has invested this much front-end intelligence into the design of its content, presentation and deliverables. We create the best trainers which is why so many government agencies pull from our ranks. Even if youʼre already a good coach, we can help you become an even greater one.

Level 1 Qual, Bravo-Foxtrot Level 1 Qual, Golf-Lima Level 1 Qual, Mike-Quebec Level 1 Qual, Romeo-Whiskey
Tactical Lunge Tactical Lunge Tactical Lunge Tactical Lunge
Plank Pull Knee Plank Pull Knee Plank Pull Knee Plank Pull Knee
Sit-Thru Knee Sit-Thru Knee Sit-Thru Knee Sit-Thru Knee
Tactical Pushup Tactical Pushup Tactical Pushup Tactical Pushup
Spinal Rock Spinal Rock Spinal Rock Spinal Rock
Tripod Vertical Tripod Vertical Tripod Vertical Tripod Vertical
Kettlebell Deadlift Kettlebell Figure Eight Tactical Step-Up Ring Bridge Row
Parellette Knee Press Ring Knee to Chest Medball Neck Squat Parallel Squat
Leg Thread Quad Press Ring Bridge Row Kettlebell Deadlift
Clubbell Gama Cast One Leg Squat Tactical Pullup Tactical Pullup
Clubbell Shoulder Park Squat Ring Bridge Row Medball Neck Squat Parallette Knee Press
Quad Press Clubbell Clockwork Squat Parallette Knee Press Tactical Mountain Climber
Ring Knee Press Parallel Squat Clubbell Clockwork Squat Clubbell Gama Cast
Tactical Mountain Climber Tactical Pullup Kettlebell Push Press Ring Knee to Chest
Kettlebell Figure Eight Ring Knee Press Clubbell Head Cast Sandbag Deadlift
Medball Neck Squat Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell Swing Leg Thread
Ring Bridge Row Sandbag Deadlift Clubbell Gama Cast Clubbell Shoulder Park Squat
Tactical Pullup Parallette Knee Press Quad Press Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell Push Press Tactical Burpee One Leg Squat Clubbell Head Cast
Tactical Step-Up Medball Neck Squat Ring Knee Press Kettlebell Figure Eight
Clubbell Clockwork Squat Clubbell Swipe Clubbell Shoulder Park Squat Medball Neck Squat

Mastering your Mechanics requires a lifetime investment, but mastering the basics so that you can invest that time productively, without pain and injuries, can happen in this certification, thanks to our University level education that our Certification Staff provides. As optimized as the System is, so, too, is the way you will learn. Every minute of the time you have invested at the certification has been meticulously crafted to download the bandwidth of physical, mental and emotional skills in the core competencies and concepts.

Our founder established a multiple-style learning environment in which every type of learner thrives and absorbs the rich and robust information delivery. Across the course, you will come to discover a system of movement education underpinning the system; key components which become “light-bulb” moments in how to reconnect leaking power, restore lost mobility and re-stabilize misalignment. Although you will master the basics across many tools, you realize at the end of the seminar, youʼve mastered the basics of human movement potential… and how to coach access to that deep potential for yourself and for others.

Beyond the basic master in the tools and techniques inside TACFIT, as these are only the means to the end, the vehicle, not the journey, you will also be introduced to a very deep scientific and philosophical pool of core concepts and principles underpinning the “Worldʼs Smartest Workout.” TACFIT’s founder advises that personal transformation isnʼt about changing the world, but in seeing our world as it truly is with new eyes.

  • The Basics of Applied Biomechanics: How to Restore Mobility, Compensate for Occupational and Repetitive Adaptations, and Reconnect Power Leakages. You will learn a one-to-one approach on specificity of warm-up and cool-down drills to exercises performed in the system, and how those can be applied on an individual basis, customized to changing
  • The Fundamentals of Stress Physiology: How Exercise Stress Predictably Breaks Down Technique at the Critical Threshold of Maximum Heart Rate. You will learn the coaching psychology to reach across into the cognitive impairment of excessive stress (called distress) and repair it through the use of psychological techniques and biofeedback technologies (called eustress)
  • The Foundation of Exercise Endocrinology: How Cumulative Stress Creates a Hormonal Cascade to Compromise or Bolster the Immune and Nervous Systems. You will be introduced to the concept of hormonal timing of specific movements, recovery, protocols, waving, periodization, food/hydration and sleep.


You will need the TACFIT26 System to prepare for the certification. At the Seminar, the only physical examination will be on the Qual – Recruit Level. You will be required to score a minimum of 50 points with your heart rate no higher than 80% of your heart rate maximum (100% HRmax = 220 – your age). The Recruit Level Qual can be found in the TACFIT26 System. Note: The Lunge, Sit-Thru and Tripod are counted a point for both side: 1, 1, 2, 2, etc… Theyʼre not counted each side (not 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).

To receive your certification you must also successfully demonstrate:
•    Physical competency at DELTA level in all TACFIT Protocols from TACFIT26,  
•    Coaching competency that you will develop and test during the 3 days seminar.

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