In the TACFIT Academy Level 2 Training Certification, You Earn The Distinction Of a Master Instructor.

You will become competent to demonstrate and coach the core competencies of the Advanced Qual, containing the progression upon the 6 Foundational Bodyweight Movements. As a Master Instructor, you will learn how to apply the Tactical Movement Screen – not merely as a pre-assessment, but actually how to screen and fix during training: to down-shift, re-engage and then upshift back into the full exercise.

You will learn how to customize the Mobility and Compensation drills to meet the needs of varied populations and how to adjust their application to meet the changing adaptations of your students as they progress and transform. You will be qualified in all of the 81 exercises, 31 mobility and 30 compensation drills of TACFIT Alpha-Zulu; all four levels. No other system boasts such a comprehensive toolbox of exercise options from Clubbells, to Kettlebells, Parallettes, Sandbags, Medballs, Plyoboxes, Gymnastic Bars and Rings.

Most uniquely, you will learn how to coach others intensity and recovery, and develop your instructor cadre in your department so that they work together as a unified team to optimize time, space, equipment, and energy resources for synergistic performance. Master Instructors learn coaching psychology. No organization teaches how to run a staff outside of health management degree programs.

This is a 16 credit hour, 2-day certification course. Those who pass become qualified prepare and lead their departmental team of trainers. Therefore, you must have completed a Level 1 Certification and have been actively teaching for a period of one year before being qualified to register for a Level 2 Certification.

If you are a certified TACFIT Instructor and would like to participate in the TACFIT Master Instructor Certification please open a support ticket on the RMAX International Help Desk at to receive instructions.

Level 2 Certification requires that you have passed Level 1 Certification. You will have a lengthy written coaching examination in which you must apply and assess Field instructors coaching individual students through workouts, and you must provide them with accurate, effective and efficient coaching guidance that elicits correctable behavior in technical performance under exercise-induced stress. By understanding and practicing the customization requirements for adjusting to varied fitness populations, individualized adaptations and occupational compensations through being a Master Instructor, you will also learn what you need to master in order to qualify for a future Division Chief.

A Master Instructor is not merely a better Field instructor. TACFIT interweaves leadership engineering into its educational curricula. You begin practicing leadership skills from Day 01. A Master Instructor has made the honorable choice to accept the mantle of responsibility to lead by example, from the front, with excellence, enthusiasm and energy. Leadership is not an easy position to acquire or maintain. You choose to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard. Leadership is first and foremost about service. The benefits of service to your department and to others are incalculable, and to a degree, transcend description. Changing lives can save them.


You will need the TACFIT26 System to prepare for the certification. At the Seminar, you will have 3 physical examinations: Complete the TACFIT Echo workout at Alpha level, Complete the TACFIT Foxtrot workout at Alpha level in less than 20 minutes, and Complete the Qual at Instructor Level. You will be required to score a minimum of 50 points with your heart rate no higher than 80% of your heart rate maximum (100% HRmax = 220 – your age). Echo, Foxtrot and the Instructor Level Qual can be found in the TACFIT26 System.

Note on Foxtrot: Pullups must be strict; no kip. Menʼs Kettlebell is 32kgs if above 143lbs, 28kg if under 143lbs, 24kgs if under 132lbs. Womenʼs Kettlebell is 24kgs if above 143lbs, 16kgs if under. Clubbell is 45lbs for men / 35lbs for Women.

Note on Instructor Qual: Screwing Pushups are counted one rep per side: 1, 2, 3, 4… Theyʼre not counted in pairs (not 1, 1, 2, 3, etc…)

The Recommended Prerequisites For Attending This Course: