TACFIT was designed for the employment of government agencies and Special Forces across the globe. It can be claimed that no other tactical fitness system in history has ever been adopted by so many agencies worldwide.

Implementation of the system, as it is taught, helps to achieve optimal level fitness, while remaining injury free. These groups were in turn able to respond to crisis more effectively, and with less total force needing to be expended. Seeing TACFIT being used by professions requiring rapid response, such as the police, fire fighters and military response teams across the globe, caused it to become sought after by civilian populations, and earned it the title of “Worldʼs Smartest Workout” by the largest health and fitness magazine across the globe: Men’s Health.

Where “bootcamp” approaches to fitness are derived from military mental reprogramming attempting to convince the body it can push beyond its healthy limits, TACFIT derives from the attitude of a “silent professional” – to efficiently respond to a crisis, remain level-headed, alert and aware, technically-precise and “in flow”, and in a sustainable way that fortifies rather than destroys health. This health-first fitness approach is central to the parent of TACFIT: the Circular Strength Training® System.

Other fitness programs select a random buffet of exercises, lack effective (specific) warm up and cool down drills, and often become dangerous through their “push harder and faster” ethos. TACFIT has been created through nearly two decades of data analysis, and has proven time and time again to optimize fitness in a safe and effective way for any population. This is the true definition of “tactical” – all elements conspiring to achieve and sustain a single objective. Each TACFIT workout has been specifically crafted to address weak movement patterns and make you fitter as you go through the program while remaining INJURY FREE.

By using a time-based circuit, your nervous system gets switched on, rather than wanting to stop for a breather simply due to poor programming. You can customize workouts to specific strengths and abilities by adjusting the weights being used, and/or regressing the movement patterns related to that specific exercise. You stay under the radar of failure and quitting through the intelligence of neuroscience, exercise endocrinology and bio-mechanics layered into the system design.

The necessity of performing tasks in inconvenient, if not adverse, conditions, and other environmental stressors, intensify the demands and physical demands placed upon crisis responders. The known, the unknown and the unknowable conditions of physical challenges reinforce the need for a special brand of fitness based upon sustainable, functional physical preparedness which addresses performance fluidity not in merely one or two dimensions of a gym or box, but in the reality of three-dimensions – anywhere, anytime for anyone.

Therefore, conventional linear training models are insufficient. TACFIT evolved to meet this need. Stress demands a continuum of physical skills to avoid immuno-suppression and the host of stress related illnesses and diseases faced by career crisis responders. When you become injured in a crisis, you may spend months or even years recovering. As a result, prehabilitation plays a critical role in health fortification and in TACFIT.

Physical Preparedness is a job requirement and enabler for crisis responders. Other physical training programs do not meet these needs because they were designed from a sportive and in many cases physique-centric perspective: they intend for you to look a certain way, rather than allowing your vibrant health and physical vitality to craft a beautiful physique as a natural by-product of your fitness.

Other programs overemphasize aerobic energy, through long, slow duration training; some fixate on “fitness as a sport” (as a substitute for health, rather than a supplement of building health; still others overemphasize size and limit strength to the exclusion of your ability to move pain-free and apply that strength and size without injury.

Physical preparedness must follow function within the energy system of responding to stress: the capacity to work at high intensity in multi-planar movement for repeated bursts of short duration with fast recovery without pain and injury. Other programs fall sorely short of these demands. They fail to place sufficient attention on injury-proofing (not just physically but biochemically) through active recovery and prehabilitation training.

TACFIT is precision tuned exercise for all of our hometown-heroes, and we are excited to see you become one!