TACFIT CORPORATE - Personal Training, Group Training, Box Gym, Club Fitness

The TACFIT Academy prepares personal training specialists for professional-level fitness training: Personal Training, Group Training, Box Gym and Corporate Chain.

Personal Training

The TACFIT Academy prepares personal trainers with the ability to perform movement screens, functional assessments, mobility restoration, occupational compensation and customized program design including modifications, regressions and progressive periodization plans. Furthermore, the Academy provides trainers with the schedules and calendars critical to ensuring progress.

Group Training

The TACFIT Academy provides a nearly-endless array of progressive workout templates which can be modified for varied fitness populations and customized to demographic needs. The Academy also provides you with a turn-key data tracking and measurement system to ensure the organization of group progress. Due to the portable nature, TACFIT group training can be conducted in any location.

Box Gym

boxgymThe TACFIT Academy offers a broad and unique market-differentiating workout array through periodized plans which guarantee pain-free and injury-free progress for all of your box members, not merely the top 15% of your classes. Keeping a box from bleeding 85% of membership due to randomized programming is a hallmark feature of our Academy. The Academy provides modular, turn-key, adjustable and customizable workout schemes to significantly increase client retention.

Club Fitness

The TACFIT Academy offers packages of classes to corporate club chains which can be implemented, with ease and calculated effectiveness, by group fitness instructors. The portable nature of the equipment and bodyweight options for the workouts allows clubs to optimize time, space and human resources, without any fixed installation required. The efficiency of the time utilization permits rapid, orderly transition between classes with predictable consistency, yet offering vast variety for client satisfaction and instructor buy-in.