TACFIT Sports – Elite Team Fitness

TACFIT Sports takes Coach Scott Sonnon’s innovative tactical fitness training program into the team sports environment. Coaches now have a powerful tool to bring elite fitness training to their athletes, even without access to a strength and conditioning coach on staff.  TACFIT Sports provides specific day-by-day workout plans, with exercises designed to complement sport-specific skills. Measurements built into the program allow you to track athletes’ progress, both for motivation and team selections.  The entire team can work out at once, building camaraderie and competitive spirit.

The unique combination of benefits from the TACFIT Sports program include:

  • Short 20-minute workouts that fit into your practice schedule
  • Detailed descriptions, so that workouts can be run by team captains or senior players while the coach concentrates on skills and tactics training
  • Minimal equipment requirements – and substitutions that allow you to start the program with no equipment at all
  • Progressions and regressions that assure each athlete is challenged to his/her ability
  • Rapid recovery techniques that are drilled into every session, so they can be applied automatically during competition
  • Mobility and compensation programs to reduce injury while removing the shackles on performance
  • Cognitive training, so your athletes don’t lose focus under competitive stress
  • Programming that will grow with you, keeping athletes’ interest

TACFIT Sports uses six workout protocols to develop all of the athletic qualities needed for elite performance: Strength, speed, endurance, explosive acceleration, balance, the ability to change direction instantly, rapid recovery from exertion, even mental acuity for enhanced perception and decision-making.

With TACFIT Sports, you can begin training like champions today.


TACFIT Rugby: Training for the World’s Most Demanding Sport

Developed by Coach Scott Sonnon in collaboration with top-level amateur and professional rugby players from around the globe, TACFIT Rugby brings elite team fitness to the world’s toughest, most demanding sport.  Exercises are specifically designed to build the foundational skills that rugby demands, particularly the rotational core strength that most exercise systems ignore, and which almost no athletes will train on their own, but that is so essential to every phase of rugby.

Day-by-day workout schedules are provided for these three key segments of the competition cycle: Pre-Season skills preparation; Competitive Season focus on fitness and injury prevention, with workouts conducted on the pitch; and Post-Season increases in strength, power and capacity, when you’re more likely to have access to a gym.

In all, you get nine months of original workout programming, taking into account teams that practice anywhere from two to five days per week. Intensity is “waved” so that athletes “peak” on game day.

Additionally, each workout offers multiple levels of progressions and regressions, geared toward the various needs of tight forwards, loose forwards, inside backs and outside backs. This assures that each athlete is fully challenged and able to participate.

At the same time, the team workout formula complements the game’s competitive spirit. Athletes are driven to improve their fitness, while the head coach is freed to teach vital game skills, tactics and strategies.

TACFIT Rugby is available as a do-it-yourself coaching manual, with step-by-step instructions for each exercise, and substitutions to allow equipment-free workouts.

For those who want to dive deeper, or truly hit the ground running, the global TACFIT Rugby team also offers:

  • Coaching clinics to get hands-on with the programming
  • Team training sessions
  • TACFIT Rugby certifications for fitness trainers and S&C coaches
  • Individual coaching for highly motivated athletes pursuing top-level competition

With a low entry price and immediate performance dividends, TACFIT Rugby is the best investment a team coach will make.

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TACFIT Hockey – Strength, Speed, Endurance

Ice hockey is the fastest sport on two legs, demanding repeated bursts of near-maximum effort. At the same time, it subjects athletes to full-contact collision forces.  Is it any wonder that professional hockey teams and top prospects have turned to Coach Scott Sonnon’s TACFIT methods?

By integrating sports-specific mobility sessions into their high-intensity workouts, TACFIT Hockey players get the prehab prep their joints require to support the massive workload to follow.  Meanwhile, the exercises of TACFIT Hockey build their strength, endurance and balance, with a special focus on generating power through the hips and core.

For the coach, TACFIT Hockey packages all of this into a “plug-and-play” style modular format, with day-by-day workouts programmed to take athletes from pre-season prep through the rigors of competition and into the key off-season recovery and rebuilding phases.

Here’s what you get:

  • A comprehensive fitness coaching manual, with every exercise described in words and photos
  • Months of workouts, programmed to guide player development from pre-season all the way through the grueling schedule and post-season
  • Key performance points for each exercise, to maximize results
  • Coach Sonnon’s patented “Six Degrees of Freedom” style movements, which are vital to enabling the quick direction changes that hockey demands
  • Mobility drills to lubricate the athletes’ joints before practice, and stave off accumulated trauma
  • Compensatory movements to release tension – a key strategy to reduce soreness and prevent injury
  • Breathing and bio-feedback techniques to raise in-game performance
  • Cognitive drills within each workout that train athletes to think at game speed – the athletes don’t even know that they’re training their brains as well as their bodies
  • Fitness tracking methodology to let you monitor athletes for improvement, grade their performance, and spot early signs that they may have hidden injuries

With TACFIT Hockey, you will have all the tools you need to insert an efficient, highly effective fitness component into every team workout. Your athletes will thrive on the variety and challenge.  And as coach, you will have access to the elite fitness techniques previously only available to a handful of professional teams, without having to do all of the research and programming yourself.


TACFIT Football – MMA Secrets for Better Blocking, Tackling and Explosive Offense

TACFIT Football brings the previously secret training techniques of world champion MMA fighters to team sports.

TACFIT Football fitness training will immediately ramp up your players’ core rotational strength, grip strength, explosive leg drive and balance capabilities, meaning:

  • Blockers are able to better redirect defenders away from the quarterback or running back
  • Offensive skill players can change direction at full speed through precise control of their center of gravity
  • Tacklers deliver run-stopping power more safely and securely, with techniques honed in the Octagon
  • On both sides of the ball, players recover rapidly to full capacity, meaning they get to more plays and miss fewer opportunities
  • Better performance late in the game, as players learn to tap into their full capabilities while fatigued
  • Improved alertness, eliminating the “tunnel vision” effect that big games can generate in some players
  • The competitive component of TACFIT Football fosters team spirit and drives faster improvements
  • Coaches get a steady flow of data to track improvement and compare athletes in truly relevant ways
  • Fewer injuries, meaning your skill players spend more time on the field and less time on the sidelines
  • An end to boring, repetitive drills that do little to increase athletes’ performance threshold

TACFIT Football lets linemen work out right next to wide receivers, with both receiving the precise level of challenge to drive their own optimum development, using the progressions suggested in the manual.

The six workout protocols emphasize various phases of performance, from explosiveness through endurance, while drilling resilience and toughness that separate good players from great players.

You receive a comprehensive manual, with all of the workouts detailed for every day of the week. Physical demand on the athletes is “waved” so that they peak on game day.

Each exercise is described in detail, and illustrated with multiple photos to identify performance points and potential pitfalls.

Bodyweight exercises in the program can be performed right on the practice field. In the gym, you can add in dumbbells, sand bags, medicine balls, rings, etc., to build muscle mass and expressible strength.

TACFIT Football also allows you to introduce cutting-edge strength tools like the patented Clubbell, as needs and resources allow. These cost-effective tools are highly portable, and provide unique advantages.  Yet the team starting out with TACFIT Football can utilize all of the workouts without any equipment at all, through simple bodyweight substitutions.

TACFIT Football takes strength and conditioning far beyond traditional methodologies. After all, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same result – while your competition looks for new ways to move the ball.


TACFIT Martial Arts: Might for the Right Fight

Most martial artists perform well in spite of their fitness training, not because of it. No other curriculum addresses the actual needs of the individualized fighter. Currently available programs were designed strictly from an output perspective: more is better, harder is better, faster is better. However, the core tenet of fighting skill under combative stress is “only better is better.” Only a fitness program which tactically develops the skill of exercise specifically carries-over into fighting performance. Like any martial art skill – punching harder, kicking faster, lifting heavier – cannot help the fighter, unless they transfer into technical precision with accessible timing.

Conventional martial art physical strength and conditioning lacks specificity to the target skills. They either are entirely unrelated to the skills intended to be augmented, or worse, the techniques are loaded with resistance under the belief that performing martial art skills under resistance makes a “stronger” technique. From an exercise science standpoint, this is false. The loaded skill and the unloaded skill are recognized as two distinct techniques: which one erupts during performance is the one you train the most. They compete for dominance in your nervous system, and the result is a slower, poorly timed, and inaccurate technical skill.

Balance is the essential synergy of strength conditioning and technique execution. The reason that TACFIT has succeeded on various national teams competing at a world championship level in martial art is due to the fact that it understands that martial art is inherently athletic, and the goal is to balance the physical body so that over-specialization doesn’t hemorrhage power, and lead to unrecoverable training and eventually injury.

TACFIT is designed to improve fitness while reducing the risk of injury during martial art practice and competition. Our mission is to design specific and comprehensive physical training programs that optimize martial art performance and prepare us for the challenges we face during the combative competitions and ongoing training demands.

TACFIT reduces the risk of over-training burnout and injury through the varied intensity of physical training and psychological resilience protocols. We are dedicated to helping the martial artist excel at a high level, avoid injury, and recover quickly between competitions and practices.

Exercises included in TACFIT martial art programs have been reversed engineered from target martial art skill families. These training sessions will develop strength, power, metabolic conditioning, dynamic body movement, and mobility while placing a high priority on recovery and injury prevention.