TACFIT Certification Testimonials

I really enjoyed the hands-on practical application. Most seminars are lecture based, this was great. I have a sincere appreciation for the TACFIT protocols. I am excited to implement TACFIT into my current Fitness Business. Great Stuff.
Dean Borges
Valued the Team leader Coaching. Everything now makes sense. Most informative instructional seminar I have been to. Thank you.
Helder Gomes
This seminar has changed my approach to fitness and health. I truly feel that I can work with those seeking to better their lives thru fitness now. An amazing organization that I am proud to have trained with. I must be a lucky guy!
Kai Lada Fetcer, CST, TACFIT Instructor
The seminar tested the instructors’ ability to perform the exercises correctly. The seminar provided enough instruction to fine tune our understanding of the exercises’ purposes. With the amount of preparation required for an individual to pass the certification, the seminar is only going to turn out coaches of the highest quality.
Michael White
Kicked my ass but I learned so much.
JJ Biasucci, CST, TACFIT Instructor
This is my 2nd TACFIT certification seminar. I came back to improve my coaching skills and deepen my understanding of the program. The exercises in TACFIT are very challenging and diverse. This training has helped me in my post rehab from an injury I suffered during my military service. After my first TACFIT, I placed Silver in my weight class at the National’s in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I know that I can expect many more successes from my TACFIT training.  This is what I have been looking for in a group exercise course. It was challenging, but I don’t feel beat up. I have many physical issues due to 9 years of military and 8 years of martial arts so this has been the first challenging workout in which I feel better at the end.
Kyle Rourke
Great seminar. I love TACFIT and now I have a much better understanding of the science behind the program. I know it works based upon my own personal results with training but this course is going to help me teach others. The COACHES ARE GREAT. ENGAGING & FUN and have the uncanny ability to immediately recognize an athlete’s deficiency and immediately give training cues to better performance
Christian Carson, CST, TACFIT Team Leader - Captain, Bellingham Fire Dept
I would definitely recommend this seminar for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of the system but also for learning coaching techniques that are transferable to both team and individual sports.
Joseph Petrucelli, TACFIT Instructor
I really enjoyed the TacFit seminar as I think the breathing techniques, coaching cues, and implementation of warm-up and cool down techniques will bridge well with my sport as both a CrossFit athlete and coach.
Bryce Smith, TACFIT Instructor
I found this seminar challenging and rewarding. It was fun as well as educational and a very sound practice of a very sound method. Well though out.
Kate Ward, TACFIT Instructor
Awesome Instruction, I learned so much about correct technique which was only possible by attending this in-person course. The coaches are world class and the workouts left me with more energy when I finished them.
Kevin Wong
Excellent format, very well spread out and organized. I am so impressed with the instructors and the information that I took away from the last couple days. I personally was challenged in a way that I have not been challenged in a long time. Professionally I gained a wealth of knowledge that I can take back to the firefighters that I train. The progression in the program is perfect for the type of groups that I train, as they can all sit at different physical fitness levels. It was amazing.
Kelly LaBounty, TACFIT Instructor - Health and Wellness Coordinator for North Whatcom Fire and Rescue
I’m highly motivated to elevate my own TACFIT practice and bring it to as many people as possible.
Jeffry Larson, US Army
I hope to continue my education with RMAX for as long as possible. Thanks again Coach Sonnon for a fantastic seminar.
Miguel Rivera, TACFIT Instructor
I have learned that the TACFIT program is ideal for myself as a firefighter. The ability to work near maximal heart rate and recover quickly directly affects my performance on the fire ground.
Ryan Provencher, CST, TACFIT Team Leader - Bellingham Fire Dept
My accurate knowledge of recovery skyrocketed because of this seminar.
Paul A. Perez
As a coach, the greatest value to me is the opportunity to discuss issues with instruction/form with the head coaches. Becoming more streamlined. As a returning coach, I felt the tools given to my group improved. Excellent, most well-prepared TACFIT Certification yet.
Aaron Gottschalk
I feel the course has been run in a no nonsense, professional and safe manner whilst still keeping a great sense of fun and camaraderie. I liked the coach to student ratio and found all involved to be extremely passionate about the course / system and the student’s progress and welfare. I will be back for more!
Craig Lawton
Seminar taught me a lot about my own mental capacity to push and be pushed. I now want to strive to let my clients see potential in themselves that they didn’t think was possible by being a better coach for them.
Justin O’Brien
Having been to many courses between fitness & physical therapy, I am very scrupulous about which I choose. I am very happy with my decision to pursue TACFIT, not only for my fitness clients, but certain principles highly correlate with my therapy practice as well. Thank you RMAX.
Bob Budai, CST, TACFIT Instructor
Excellent seminar. Really liked the explanations of tactical application.
Nathan Cragg, TACFIT Instructor - US Army
Every time I attend one of Coach Sonnon’s Seminars, I leave with a body that feels more functional and  a mind that is a little sharper and more relaxed. My own practice is improved, my body aches and pains lessen, and my clients notice a huge difference in my coaching capacity.
Matthew Harris, TACFIT Instructor
Wealth of information covered in 2 days and loved the intellectual rigor behind the program. It was tough physically and mentally but I learned a wealth of practical information.
Ben Exton, TACFIT instructor

TACFIT Testimonials

The cycling involved in TACFIT is amazing. I find myself ending stronger than I started. I breezed through Foxtrot in 14 minutes at Delta level. The EPOC effect is awesome. I feel charged and ready to go after my training. Thanks for this awesome gift of life Coach.
James Linn
TACFIT is spoon-fed gold to the tactical community and beyond. I gained 8 lbs of muscle within 3 ½ months doing TACFIT!
Robert Canale, Jr.
This is incredible. This is absolutely unique.
Aydanur Sirin
I’m highly motivated to elevate my own TACFIT practice and bring it to as many people as possible.
Jeffry Larson, US Army
This program is phenomenal!! With a background in the military, this is the type of program that “speaks” to me… that I know works. But what makes this program much better than anything else out there, is the focus on technique. Quality quantity, as Coach Sonnon teaches. Too many programs focus on quantity reps and people get hurt. Or better yet, get tired of the program altogether and just give up. This program also does something else that makes it stand above the rest-> if you put in the technique, the work, and the quality, you feel invigorated when you are done, not tired, burnt out, and beat down. Just as people have “eating styles” for life, this, along with CST, is my “workout style” for life.
Mary Everhart
The TacFit system has universal application and is evident in its method and instruction. Everyone can and will benefit from this system of training regardless of background and age. It is truly the most comprehensive and applicable training program anywhere.
Mike Wilson, TACFIT Instructor
My whole outlook on fitness changed. I have incorporated Intu-Flow, TACFIT metabolic conditioning, and Prasara yoga into my daily practice over a four day cycle. My joints feel better than they have in years. I am an “industrial athlete”, and my ability to do my job is better due to increased functional strength. I find that multi-planar movements found in circular strength training develop better overall athleticism. My aerobic capacity has soared, and my body fat percentage has dropped significantly since I started doing the twenty minute TACFIT workouts. We have clubbells at our fire stations, and many of my co-workers have achieved similar results. Each individual has to find what works best for them, but I am definitely a convert. Thanks Scott!
Ryan P.
This is the revolution of exercise in the 21st century.
Harry Yuan
TACFIT was miles ahead of the competition when it was created, but what is even more impressive is the constant evolution and improvement. For those of us responsible for the training of police officers, there is no system that will get better results without injuries. That is why it was just name the smartest fitness training system in the world by “Men’s Health”.
Michael L. Lasnier, TACFIT instructor
This is one serious program. Follow the warnings on the label to get the best results.
Jonathan Barber
I see a positive impact on officer’s decision making, in post-event scene consolidation, proper use of force application, and overall tactical performance.
Dave S.
I have learned that the TACFIT program is ideal for myself as a firefighter. The ability to work near maximal heart rate and recover quickly directly affects my performance on the fire ground.
Ryan Provencher, TACFIT Team Leader CST - Bellingham Fire Dept